REVIEW: East London’s V9 Drops New Mixtape ‘Murk With A Mouth’

Casey Dorney

By Casey Dorney

Casey Dorney

19 Nov 2021

A growing icon in the UK drill scene, V9 continues his career run with a refreshing compilation of his distinctive sound tied up in to new mixtape drop ‘Murk With A Mouth’. Taking off with his impressionable 2020 project ‘Yudokuna’, V9 returns with an energetic drive showcasing new and improved executions and deliveries in his music.

Giving audiences a taste of the substance contained within the awaited project, recent releases “Hole In One” and “Change” provided an insight into the project’s potential. Pulling in creative, conceptual elements throughout the tape, V9 touches on intense rap vocals and experimental drill-esque productions embedded in oriental soundscapes.

The 15-track drop covers a variety of sounds, with a solid structure strengthened by an inviting Intro and Outro. Stand out rap-filled tracks “Petty” and “Sweeper”, V9 presents his sense of growth throughout, gliding on the enticingly engaging production. Another track instantly gaged as impressive “Mortal Kombat”, V9 implements melodic elements on the hook emphasised by a well-contained flow. The artistry of V9 can sometimes be doubted due to the evident indifference compared to others in the scene, however the unique cadence, passionate energy and style of rap is often overlooked and judged at surface level with other rappers. As an individual, V is very creative with his music – incorporating components specific to his own musical identity.

With recognisable features such as grime legend Ghetts (giving us a taste of him on drill!), 98s members Jimmy, Billy Billions, Unknown T and Mazza – V9 displays chemistry with each and every one. Track 14 “Double S” featuring female vocalist Znze, is undeniably a cheeky one for the girls – providing a lyrically sensual delivery. Always open to trying new innovate ideas, V9 is eager to prove his versatility without a doubt.

Despite the credible selection of songs with an undoubted sense of growth, some songs on the project do still entail V9’s ‘typical/known’ sound – whether the likeability of that comes down to if you’re a regular listener to his or not, the ambiguous flow presented throughout the majority of the tape may not appeal to many.

One of V9’s most efficacious qualities is his impactful beat selection! Having close-knitted relationships with talented producers like Ghosty, AV, Tefo and Morts contributing to the tape – electrifying sounds of drill-infused beats remain engaging throughout. ‘Murk With A Mouth’ is a expressive representation of the growth in execution and technicality of V9’s artistry and will definitely resonate with his die-hard fan base. V9’s infectious energy and personality is carried throughout the tape – projecting his personal sound to the masses.

V9’s new mixtape ‘Murk With A Mouth’ is out now and available to stream on all platforms!