Review: Flo Milli Has Unveiled Her Debut Mixtape ‘Ho, Why Is You Here?’

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

24 Jul 2020

Flo Milli, the 20-year-old rising rapper from Alabama, first broke onto the scene in the summer of 2019 with the release of her now viral hit titled, “Beef FloMix”. Garnering a boast-worthy amount of attention in no time at all, Flo Milli followed through with her next hit single “In The Party”. Becoming a TikTok sensation with over half a million videos created, amassing millions of views, the emerging star accumulated over 100 million streams worldwide and has since gained co-signs from Halle Berry, SZA, and heavy-weight hit-maker Cardi B. With only a handful of singles behind her, the Alabama native has already been referred to as one to watch this 2020 and today, has unveiled her highly-awaited debut mixtape – ‘Ho, Why Is You Here?’. 

Spread across eleven tracks of fun-filled energy and lyrical prowess, ‘Ho, Why Is You Here?’ has no features and enables Flo Milli to boast her greatest potential, soaking in the spotlight – the 20-year-old proves why she’s next up. Empowering young women all over the world to protect their energy, stand their own, embrace their beauty, flaunt their confidence and be an all-round boss babe – Flo Milli has covered it all!

Kick starting the mixtape with “Mood Everyday”, she sets the tone for the what’s to come. Attacking the instrumental with a fierce and assertive energy; “Bitch, I’m better it ain’t up for debate / When you shine how I shine you get a whole lotta hate / I’m the shit and that’s my mood everyday“ she raps unapologetically. Transitioning into “Beef”, a steady paced and playful offering, Flo Milli laces the backdrop with an infectious flow and unmerciful bars; “Who got beef with me? / Girl you don’t wanna compete, I’m too fast on my feet and you know where I be / Making you mad is my speciality, I’m the petty queen, I need you have a seat”.

Including pre-released track “Like That Bitch”, Flo Milli doesn’t hesitate to let her feelings known, un-phased by what others have to say;“Big top, small legs, b*tch built like a wine glass / Talking all that shit but she can’t see me with her blind ass / Her boyfriend in my DM’s saying, “Ooh, I need your fine ass” / We can take it there but baby, you gon’ have to write back / Heard that they was lookin’ for me, well bitch, I’m in my bag”. It’s on tracks like “Weak” where the rising rapper is seen switching it up sonically. Sampling SWV’s R&B classic track “Weak”, this single only showcases her female prowess. Certifying her dominance and point-blanc delivery, this brazenly honest single see’s Flo Milli letting us know whose boss, expressing that men are the weakest link – the female force is too busy chasing the bag with no time to waste!

As we delve further into the project, Flo Milli explores her potential even further, proving her versatility over various sonic sounds, on “19”, the backdrop takes an almost oriental-esc turn. Over-ridden with a punching bass and bouncing patterns, she glazes the beat with her intentions and ambitions with the up-most ease. Taking yet another sonic twist on “May I”, this track is the ultimate summer anthem! Playing around with her flow and wordsmith, having been previously described as ‘A clever, cheerful lyricist’ by the New York Times – they were not wrong! Harnessed with a mischievous and whimsical approach, this mixtape takes you on a journey through Flo Milli’s mind, exploring her new-found attitude and bad b ego. The eleven-track project closes with “Scuse Me”, a repetitive single enriched with a memorable hook and head-bopping instrumental. Signing off with another street heater, if you’re looking for a project to get ready with your girls to or unleash your inner alter ego – ‘Ho, Why Is You Here?’ is the mixtape for you!

Listen to ‘Ho, Why Is You Here?’ below and on Apple Music here.