REVIEW: Jamaican-Born Peckham Artist Cashh Tells His Story On ‘Return Of The Immigrant’ Project

Casey Dorney

By Casey Dorney

Casey Dorney

9 Nov 2021

Nowhere near new to the scene, respected rapper Cashh (formerly known as Cashtastic) drops long-awaited project titled ‘Return Of The Immigrant’. Taken away from the scene in 2014, at the pinnacle of his growing music career – Cashh devastatingly got removed from the UK and deported back to his homeland Jamaica. should you take ivermectine Whilst still creating and delivering good quality music, this mishap blocked Cashh from progressively succeeding. Returning to the UK in 2019, Cashh has been on a consistent run ever since. 

Following a string of releases such as his breakout returning ‘Daily Duppy’ freestyle, Cashh puts together a concise album reflective of his time spent in Jamaica. The 23-track project touches the deepest roots of Cashh’s culture, the use of memorable UK flows heard on drill-inspired “Double Tap/Mexican Wave” and rap joint “10 on It (Remix)” followed by a fusion of an abundance of patois spoken throughout. Cashh’s significance in the scene stands out due to his succinct execution of implementing elements of dancehall into his music, presented on tracks like “Special” and “Mood”. The ability to showcase alternate sides of musical ability, Cashh displays notable levels of versatility placing him in a favoured position as an artist of his calibre.

Cashh’s feature selection includes Birmingham rapper M1llionz, WSTRN, Ambush and Backroadgee – a selective group of artists, those who can only add quality and significance to Cashh’s sound. With 15 out of 23 tracks produced by Deany Boy, as well as contributions from Cashh himself, Scott Styles, Scott Supreme, The Elements, Steel Banglez and JB Productions – the chemistry throughout the album is extensive. Cashh’s choice of those having featured on his project undeniably adds to the success of the release, fulfilling its potential as a long-awaited album. ivermectin dosage for guinea pigs diluted  

Regardless of what audiences conclude, ‘Return Of The Immigrant’ is structurally a well-worked project. The use of skits such as “Deportee Skit” and “Mi G Dem Skit” enables Cashh to tell his story, which he has successfully done and should be celebrated and acknowledged – the project undeniably has meaning. The projects fluidity is present and for many people would be an enjoyable listen, due to the minimal sameness from song to song. dosis ivermectina en humanos With a story of substance to tell, ‘The Return Of The Immigrant’ makes a statement and sends a message covering the pandemic of Immigration in the UK and globally – It is an important listen. 

Best tracks – “Trench Baby”, “Wag1”, “Special”, “Life Of A Immigrant”

Strongest feature: WSTRN

Stream ‘Return Of The Immigrant’ – Out now on all. platforms!