Review: Kaleem Taylor Bares All In His Brand New & Emotionally-Charged “She Knows” EP

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

16 Oct 2020

Hailing from London, Kaleem Taylor, is undoubtedly recognized as one of the UK’s most exciting singer-songwriter’s to date! Influenced by the nostalgic and slick R&B sounds of the 90’s and 2000’s, the ascending vocalist launched onto the scene back in 2015 and dropped two tracks: “90S” and “Love Me Back”, but it wasn’t until his 2017 release of his debut project ‘Version’, that Kaleem Taylor felt he had fulfilled his true sound. Since then, he has dropped an array of notable and indisputable sounds that have pushed him to the forefront of the scene!

Today, the rising star has returned with his brand new and highly awaited EP named, ‘She Knows’. Spread across seven captivating listens, including two pre-released tracks “Until” and “Questions”; the London native boasts his slick and butter-like vocals for just over 20 minutes, as he takes us on a ride through both the good and bad experiences gained from relationships – a relatable one for sure!

Introducing the project with “Distant Love”, Kaleem Taylor houses un-blemished and effortless riffs that intertwine with his smooth vocals. Setting the tone for what’s to come, although the track is just under 2 minutes long, “Distant Love” embodies exactly what classic R&B is reputable for sonically. Putting a contemporary twist on the cherished sounds we all grew to love, it swiftly transitions into the emotional baring cut titled, “Until”. Posing as the lead single from the project, Kaleem Taylor performs a mesmerizing act of vocal acrobatics, as he dives into his deep-seated feelings; “As long as I’m still breathing / You’ll always have my heart, until my heart stops beating”, he sings intimately.

Confronting his weaknesses in “She Knew”, Kaleem Taylor wears his heart on his sleeve as he admits to hiding how he truly feels. Putting on a brave face, instead of riding out his true emotions, he speaks to his love interest stating they see right through him. Layered over an Electronic Trap backdrop, the over-riding nostalgic essence stays potent throughout, as he draws you in with his compelling vocals. We live in a generation where relationships are heightened, which you could argue comes as a result of social media; Kaleem Taylor is able to strip back these ‘standards’ through penning authentic snippets of both good and bad experiences that come with relationships. Slamming the stereo type that men should always show their bravery and never their true emotions, Kaleem Taylor unveils a refreshing and heart-warming perspective in “Feel”. Exploring intimacy and close-knit feelings, his hypnotic vocals take centre stage throughout; “Yeah, I just wanted to know that you feel, what I feel” / Through your body, on your lips / You feel that I love / Tell you anything, you know everything / It’s you I trust baby”, he sings.

When we approach “Everyday”, Taylor touches on his feelings after the relationship is over. Still hoping that his ex-lover is okay, even if they are with someone else, Kaleem questions the idea of his feelings still being there, but in this case, not wanting to go through it all again as he’s scared of the fall – a feeling which I’m sure many of us can relate to! Switching it up sonically, the chiming and up-beat instrumental aids the feeling of curiosity that is embedded throughout the track, posing as a stand-out single amongst the rest – so far!

Closing out the EP with “Questions” and “I Understand”, he confronts his wrongs head on as a man and acknowledges that he is the reason as to why the relationship didn’t pan out the way he wanted. Not expecting forgiveness for his wrong doing, this EP is the perfect balance between both sides of a relationship. Enriched with nostalgia, un-blemished vocals and riffs, as well as varied relatable narratives, ‘She Knows’ is a quality body of work, which only puts Kaleem Taylor on his rightful pedestal as one of the UK’s most respected and talented vocalists / songwriters in the game!

Listen to ‘She Knows’ below and on Apple Music here.