Review: Kano Live At The Drumsheds (Hoodies All Summer Tour)

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

11 Feb 2020

It’s safe to say 2019 was the return of Kano, playing Sully in hit series Top Boy to releasing his long awaited sixth studio album “Hoodies All Summer”.

Currently on his UK tour, Kano recently shut down The Drumsheds (07/02/2020) nestled in North London. A huge warehouse filled with thousands of Kano fans reciting bar for bar… what’s not to love?! 

Kano did not disappoint, food trucks and all! Playing a variety of new and classic bangers including ‘Ps &Qs’, ‘Pan Fried’, ‘Can’t Hold We Down, ‘SYM’ to ’T-shirt Weather In The Manor’  and many more the supporters knew word for word! But let’s talk about ‘Class Of Deja’ for a hot sec. Boy, I have never seen so many people flood from the bar to the stage for what was probably the highlight of my night. Ghetts, D Double E and Kano on stage shelling it… are you mad?! The crowd went CRAZY! Mosh pit’s circulating, phones in the air, drinks going everywhere…it was a shutdown.

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PERFECT (no such thing but we fucking try really hard!)

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However, the venue did lack in certain areas. I recently found out that The Drumsheds only recently started hosting live events and evidently have a long way to go! For the supporters towards the back, it was virtually impossible to hear let alone see Kano properly and fighting through thousands of people wasn’t exactly an option! However, that didn’t stop them from living there best life, shouting back bar for bar with a drink in hand!

As one of the UK’s greatest MC’s, Kano highlights the desire, talent and principles of a musician who hasn’t lost touch with his reality and that really shone through at his show. Regardless of the choice of venue, he stood proud on stage in his home city and put on a show to remember.