Review: Milli Major Drops The Highly-Awaited Soundtrack To His ‘Major Papers’ Film

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

11 Sep 2020

Milli Major, at the end of July earlier this year made his highly anticipated debut as an independent filmmaker, with his 12-minute movie titled, ‘Major Papers’, that tales a raw and vulnerable account of loyalty, family and street violence. Written, co-produced and co-directed by Milli Major himself, ‘Major Papers’ was filmed in the shadowed and dark streets of London, and unpacked an escalating vendetta that derived from the embodiment of both drug dealing and gang rivalry. The dominant and authentic portrayal of the dark side of London’s inner-city life boasted a familiar set of names including Milli Major as Kane, Andre ‘Paper Pabs’ Harris, Lippy Lickshot, Apple and Tempa T. Alongside the release of the film, was the announcement of his forthcoming soundtrack that compacts 5 unreleased tracks featuring Paper Pabs, Bossman Birdie, Nines, Flirta D, Deepee, Tion Wayne, Big Narstie, Armz Korleone, Tempa T, Scrufizzer and Bushkin.

Engulfed in the musical landscape around him, as well as growing up in an environment where the British Rap scene flourishes, i.e Grime etc – Milli Major has intertwined all these prospects in with the prominent sound of Drill throughout this 5-track EP.

Opening the EP up with the pre-released track titled, “Drillers”, the visuals for this track feature snippets from the film itself and adds further tone to the heavy introduction from Ice City rapper Nines, which in turn leads into a dark and ominous trap-infused beat. Milli Major showcases his lyrical finesse alongside his former Meridian Crew members Paper Pabs and Bossman Birdie who glaze the beat with their punching and assertive flows; “All these Drillers / But who are they drilling? Opp block taped off, we don’t know who did it / Just bussed that pack, and it smells so wicked / 1000 grams, you ain’t seen them digits”. Swiftly transitioning into the impactful sounds of the “Rude Boy Song”, featuring the likes of Flirta D; this track is fired by an energy driven, melodic beat, enriched with a distorted bass, that see’s both Milli Major and Flirta D glaze the instrumental with racing flows and explosive adlibs, adding that extra layer of flare and charisma to the already fiery track.

As we journey on through the project, we stumble across “Madness” featuring no other than hit-maker Tion Wayne, Deepee, Big Narstie and of course Milli Major. Each known for their signature styles and approach, all four artists seamlessly fuse their impeccable talents into one. Harnessed with an infectious hook courtesy of Milli Major; “How many times have I chopped it? / How many times have I bagged it? / How many racks in the safe house? / Tell you right now, that’s gang shit” he raps. Shortly followed by a verse from Deepee, Tion Wayne enters with a memorable and unapologetic approach; “Beat her, make her say “Wayne, Wayne” / Diamonds on a new plain jane / My light skin only drink champagne / Meet, then I beat it / Look at my wrist, get seasick / Gyal lookin’ bruck, get reject” , he raps assertively. Clocking in at just under 4 minutes long, this track is a stand-out single from the project that puts varied sub-genres of British Rap on a shining pedestal.

Enlisting the likes of Armz Koreleone and Tempa T for “Pre-Work Out”, the title really is as evident as it seems! Brimming with a static and lively feel – if this doesn’t make you want to go all in at the gym then I don’t know what will! Championing British Grime, the distorted bass, loud production courtesy of Coco and undeniable lyrical energy serves as the ultimate banger! It’s replay worth is unquestionable and definitely stands out as one of the best tracks from the entire project.

Closing out the EP with the “Mr Lover Remix” alongside Scrufizzer and Bushkin, the Jack Junior-production concludes what’s been a strenuous summer effortlessly! Accommodating an electronic backdrop, that upholds UK Garage to it’s very best, the “Mr Lover Remix” is yet another prime example of Milli Major not only shining a light on British music, but also the musical landscapes he has engulfed. Filled from start to finish with good vibes and contagious melodies, it’s only inevitable that this track will have you up and moving! Overall, this project, despite it’s delay has been worth the wait. Covering all aspects not only sonically but lyrically as well, Milli Major has certified his position within the UK Rap game with this one!

Listen to the ‘Major Papers’ EP below and on Apple Music here.