Review: Nottingham’s Ascending Group Trinity Square Unveil Their ‘TS Way’ Mixtape

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

21 Aug 2020

Trinity Square, a rising group hailing from Nottingham that have been catching the eyes of many. Made up of 4 rappers and singers; Huey, Bluu, BabyBoy and Trizzy, the boys have released a string of singles over the past 2 years including “Fanta”, “Creepin”, “Pattern”, “Get The Bag” and more. Taking a major hold of their hometown before being propelled into the wider UK scene, the 4-piece have also toured alongside U.K hit-maker MoStack, gained recognition from many taste-makers and artists including Young T and Bugsey, who have referred to the boys as “the next big thing to come out of Nottingham”, as well as DJ Target, and in turn have gained an ever-growing fan-base. Each merging their own individual styles into one, Trinity Square, have today released their highly awaited mixtape ‘TS Way’.

Spread across nine tracks that weave in and out of Trap, Rap, R&B and Trap-wave, ‘TS Way’ has no features and allows the 4-piece to showcase their artistry, potential and indisputable versatility. Embellished with various prominent sounds within the U.K Rap game, each artist flaunts their signature and preferred style in each track – creating the ultimate un-blemished compilation of sounds! With production from Goldfingers, Mokuba, Yung Lando, A Class, Zdot, Krunchie, Jay Bands, Kwest, Musick, Palaze, Diplomat and TRTTheProducer – this mixtape is filled from start to finish with fresh bangers!

Opening the project with “Intro”, a pre-released track that clocks in at just under 2 minutes long; gives just enough time for the boys to set pace for what’s yet to come. Glazing the piano-led backdrop with their auto-tuned and wavey vocals; “We ballin, baby girl we ballin’ / I can’t sleep until the morning / cos’ the money callin’, 9-5 it be so boring / I change my focus to touring, man I had to put my all in just so I could cop that foreign”. Swiftly transitioning into “Trapsafe”, a Trap-infused joint harnessed with a melodic and atmospheric instrumental, that allows their bars and intricate wordplay to shine at the forefront of the song. Opening with a slick auto-tuned vocal that glides effortlessly over the beat, it soon switches up as a more assertive and clear-cut delivery enters the track, adding that extra punch to the wavey joint; “Silent assassins, make moves even on your play / And you didn’t even see our face / Come in and take your space / Like yo did you even seen them / No, but look at this place / Ha ha should’ve seen his face”.

Further highlighting their individual styles, it is when you get to track titled, “Down” where the group are seen merging both UK and US Rap in with R&B elements. Produced by Birmingham’s A Class, “Down” see’s each member detailing their daily activity, boasting financial and musical wealth as they attempt to win over their counterparts. Infused with rolling hi hats and a heavy bass, as well as an 80’s synth undertone, this track is bound to have your head bopping. Trading-off sharp deliveries with each verse united by a catchy R&B hook, “Down” is another assertive and striking release from the 4-piece.

As you venture further through the mixtape, you find yourself drifting through the un-blemished sonics of “Dream” before stumbling across the fierce and jumpy prowess of “Wrist Watch”. Switching the Trap and wavey sound for a bold and striking instrumental, this track see’s the group playing around with their flows, ad-libs and wordsmith for a more fun filled and feel-good vibe; “Tik Tok, she fell in love with my wrist watch / Good brain, tip top, tip top, tip top / Rain, drip drop / Get high, lift off”.

Closing out the nine-track mixtape with “Holder” and “BOUNCE”, this project serves well and showcases Trinity Square’s indisputable versatility, potential and position in the UK Rap game as the next big thing to rise from Nottingham. Filled from start to finish with an array of bangers fit for everyone – ‘TS Way’ is the next level up in the boys career!

Listen to ‘TS Way’ here.