Review : Songer Shines Bright On Brand New ‘SKALA’ Project

Harvey Marwood

By Harvey Marwood

Harvey Marwood

3 May 2023

Just over a week ago, Reading based rapper Songer unveiled his highly awaited album entitled ‘SKALA’, after months of heavy anticipation from his dedicated fanbase, and it’s safe to say that he has outdone himself yet again with this release. Having risen to attention from the public eye when he stepped up to the plate for a Blackbox 5 years ago, which notably now sits as the highest streamed BB session of all time, the talent has been championed for his substance fuelled approach to music, excellently crafted punchlines and musical differentiality

Coming in the form of a 16 track project that showcases the potent talent, the ‘SKALA’ sees Songer showcase his lyrical eloquence and sentimental depth, with the album a fine demonstration of his ability to balance playful baselines with profound and deeply personal narratives. Amongst the track-list comes features from D Double E, Daneo, Mani DM and Twyce, however the project takes a predominant emphasis on his solo ability and outlook on life. Having had an extended period now to fully take in the album, below comes a somewhat dissection of the album, and a piece to champion the talent that Songer quite clearly possesses.

From the opening track, ‘SKALA’, Songer produces a sense of captivity with his exceptional choice of production and structural organisation. A melodic and moderately sombre piano melody unravels the showcase, before Songer grabs your attention with his confident delivery and exceptional lyricism, setting the tone for the remaining fifteen tracks ahead. Touching on the project as a whole, the production throughout is of the highest quality, and with each beat providing the perfect backdrop for Songer’s rhymes, you can tell has been extensive thought behind the productional choices and the criteria to make his lyrics more powerful.

One of the strengths of ‘SKALA’ is the showcase of Songer’s versatility. Seamlessly switching between different flows and styles, from the trap-influenced ‘Bittersweet Sing For Me’ to the more laid-back vibes of ‘Golden (Soul Food) and old school hip hop influenced ‘Bulletproof Dreams’ – ‘SKALA’ is audible proof that Songer can excel in any given production style. One my personal favourite tracks from the album comes in the form of the last track on the album ‘Vertigo’. Further strengthening the above comments about versatility, Songer delves into the realms of melodic vocality, exploring melodies whilst hybridising it with his already A1 rap delivery – a combination that runs silky smooth and should definitely be a style that the Reading native should explore more.

What really sets ‘SKALA’ apart is Songer’s storytelling and lyricism though. He paints vivid images with his words and shines raw and honest truth on the angles and perspectives captured through a brutally normalised way of living with issue such as grief and mental health, giving listeners a glimpse into his life and experiences whilst also becoming a voice for those who may struggle to have one otherwise.

The project as a whole is a masterpiece, and has arrived as a great follow up to his previous project ‘The Sunrise Project’. Although only honing in on a couple specific joints in the above – every one of the sixteen are amazing. You know what you’re going to get from Songer, and that makes it so easy for us to get behind him as a fanbase. From the opening section of instrumental on the first track, to the final note on the closing track – we really are taken on a 49 minute journey of brilliance. It seems criminal that many still do not have Songer on their radar, but this project is the perfect representation as to why people should. Songer is a pure artist – and the discography he boasts is art in its purest form. 

Listen to the project below :