REVIEW: South London rapper Nino SLG unleashes powerful debut EP ‘State Of Mind’

Casey Dorney

By Casey Dorney

Casey Dorney

16 Jul 2021

At just 16 years old, London-born thriving rapper Nino SLG delivers his highly awaited debut EP ‘State Of Mind’.

Nino demonstrates his improved artistry throughout the release of his 6 track EP. With a fusion of rap and melodies – Nino expresses his versatility and ability to switch up his flows, incorporating new sounds into his music. With track 1 – “House Invasions” reaching over 350,000 views prior to the release, Nino introduces the EP with a sense of familiarity, effectively easing listeners in to the project.

Nino lays down his emotions on tracks like “Prison Walls”, “L.S.O.M” and “Rolling Deep”, inviting listeners in to a painful projection of emotions through an understanding level of reflective transparency. Nino grips listeners into his sound, incorporating deep-felt lyricism within his songs. Nino creates a constant engaging delivery that keeps audiences intrigued and wanting to hear more.

Touching on Nino’s visible versatility once again, he offers a distinctive, refreshing sound on tracks “Diamond” and “Lit Now”. Rapping on a more up-beat tempo production, the 16-year-old proposes a new side of artistry to himself. Nino informs audiences that he can also deliver songs that radiate higher energy, in comparison to his much-admired reflective story telling releases.

‘State Of Mind’ is undeniably a solid rap EP – with production by names highly respected in the scene such as Kyle Evans. Other production credits include Sokari, Henry, Jampz, Hannah V, Ryland and Nino SLG himself! With only one feature on track 3 “Lit Now” with Leah Music, Nino showcases his ability to work with others and cater to wider audiences. Involving a female singer on the hook is a concept loved by many music lovers, particularly in the UK, bridging the gap between rap and R&B.

With a successful concept come to life, Nino SLG exceeds expectations with this new release. The ‘State Of Mind’ EP is a cemented body of work of a thriving young artist and the levels will only increase from here!

Tap in to Nino SLG ‘State Of Mind’ EP below!