REVIEW: The Rise of East-London Rapper Morrisson In His’Guilty’ EP

Amanda Da Great

By Amanda Da Great

Amanda Da Great

20 Aug 2021

Recently East London’s very own took to the Daily Duppy mic to deliver seven minutes of realness; unveiling his character in its truest form. He’s established himself as a renowned entity based on his utilising of expressive sounds, that represent his origins as an artist, and create a clear deviation from the sonic qualities of other talents known to our ears. ربح مال حقيقي من النت Today, Morrisson is going on to further rise with the delivery of his Guilty EP.

Opening up the project with Bottom of the Bottle, the East London rapper sets an authentic tone with the regular vers patterns, and sonics that are very much RnDrill based. Eastender sees Morrisson getting creative with his lyrical delivery; incorporating punchlines that listeners will recognise from popular culture and become attentive to, typically those referencing the British hit TV series, Top Boy. Brothers (featuring Jordan) takes a more sinister turn; Jordan’s entry creates a unique contrast from Morrisson’s familiar voice, as he presents his lines with a more erratic style in comparison to his counterpart’s distantly chilling manner. Given the instrumental and individualist experiences touched on by the rapper, Brothers will speak to the hearts of listeners and open up their minds to Morrisson’s reality.

In Guilty, Kelly Kiara makes her presence known through the full use of her pleasing vocals, and the style of instrumental within this particular track creates a Wild Thought’s moment with its grooves and easy-going beat tempo that are laced throughout. Despite this though, it doesn’t take away from the raw nature of the bars unpacked by the rapper, that stray from the instrumental’s optimistic nature. موقع رهانات Much like Guilty, Lifestyle has party-anthem potential as it kicks off with a floor-shaking bass and adopts a hybridised US/UK Hip-Hop style given the bounce, and way Morrisson proceeds to bar-out on this track.

Calling on Harlem Spartan’s Loski, Bad Guy allows audiences to witness an interesting union unfold to an orchestral-based Drill beat that’s merged with beautifully alternating 808s. The pair demonstrate ecstatic artist chemistry, and are no doubt building anticipation for this banger to join universally renowned Drill anthems such as Body.

Signing off the EP on a light note, the Eastender has tapped Manchester native Aitch, for the Funky-House style track, House and Garage; a summer-esque bop that’s heavy on nostalgia but also introduces a fresh feel that will create familiarity among new-school music listeners.

Throughout this year Morrisson hasn’t failed to stay on top of his hot streak of releases that have formed this body of work, and having initiated his music journey in ’08 to finally go clear on the scene, it’s evident he’s out to continue raising the bar for himself in order to evolve as an artist. 

Listen To The EP Above | Morrisson – Guilty EP Available To Stream on All Platforms