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By a.k.e


13 Dec 2015

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North West London rapper Trapstar Toxic has always breathed real life into his music and has always painted a vivid picture of the true realities of the streets. It has been two years since the release of ‘I Ain’t A Rapper’ which received positive reviews across the UK, hailing Trapstar Toxic as the next to blow in the UK Rap scene. Trapstar Toxic is back like he never left with the highly anticipated ‘Trapped In The Hustle’ hosted by Cee Figz, a 16 track mixtape bringing us that real authentic rap from the ICB artist.

The ICB camp has produced quality projects throughout the year and with Trapstar Toxic releasing a mixtape before the end of the year, 2015 will definitely end as an exciting, memorable year for UK Rap. The mixtape features the likes of: Topz, Storm, J Man and many more.

The mixtape begins with “5AM Intro” as Trapstar Toxic lets the fans know where he has been, what he has been doing since his previous tape dropped and the hustle for success. Trapstar Toxic makes it clear that most of the rappers in the UK scene rap about the life he actually lives and he keeps it real for the masses.

This is followed by “Took A Loss” (Produced by Paperchase Beats) featuring Stardom, the London to Birmingham link up proved to be a certified banger as both Trapstar Toxic and Stardom rap about their plans and coming back stronger after every loss.

“Trapping In The Summer” (Produced by Paperchase Beats) is a mellow track as Trapstar Toxic reminisces on the grind during the summer as he speaks on keeping his mind on the hustle, the highs and lows of the trap and not being able to see his family. Notable lines include: “I don’t party like a rockstar, fam I’m really in the trap darg/All them dead Friday’s got to pay off”. Trapstar Toxic does not glamorise the trap in any shape or form and speaks honestly on the downfalls of being involved in that lifestyle.

Trapstar Toxic invites us into his world with “Life I Live” (Produced by Paperchase Beats) and how he has to keep focused on the grind to achieve his dreams. He speaks on the times when he wants to quit the trap lifestyle, but he always ends up back on that path for the money.

“Say My Grace” (Produced by Slay Products) is an honest track as Trapstar Toxic speaks on the downside of the trap. However, he speaks on his motivation for making money as he pays his respects to the trap and being grateful for being in a position to make something out of nothing in the hood.

Trapstar Toxic makes it clear that he is focused on achieving his goals in “Stay On My Grind” (Produced by Slay Products), he salutes the real trappers and dismisses the imposters and fake trappers that claim to live this lifestyle for nothing but ratings from their peers or for the female attention.

With such a solid selection of tracks, we are lucky enough to get a bonus track entitled “Hear Me Now” featuring Trapz which was a great way to end the mixtape.

It is evident that Trapstar Toxic is needed in the UK Rap scene. With his latest mixtape ‘Trapped In The Hustle’ he has proved that he is definitely an artist that can produce great music that can be both relatable and true to the listeners. It is great to know that Trapstar Toxic is back and it seems that the ICB camp is in full effect for the upcoming new year.

Favourite Track: Say My Grace

Tariq Peters (@Explicit LDN)

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