Rimz schooling Brothers with no game

Mixtape Madness Team

By Mixtape Madness Team

Mixtape Madness Team

6 Oct 2012

We were gassed off the trailer so when the episode dropped, believe man was gassed!!

This episode was real Junior goes on a date with Remy after winning the raffle prize in speed dating. What follows are moments every man dreads, lack of funds.

If only Junior possessed the entrepreneurial feats of Rimz that date would have gone a different way.

1. Rimz is in his early 20’s but he has learned to act his wage and not his age, unlike Junior who suggests “Nandos”, really “Nandos”.

2. Rimz also know in life if you want the finer things, then you need to keep stacking!!

3. Rimz despite his cash flow clearly states his attitude to women that reckon they can bops him, “she can take her broke ass home”. Whilst Junior allowing a woman to order drinks he can’t pronounce, whilst he is asking for water with a hint of tap?

4. Junior is complaining about paying VAT, whereas Rimz pays his insurance with no issue because he understands the importance of being on top of your expenses.

5. Finally, its one thing to be broke but its another thing to move in a broke circle. Your network is your net worth. No Theo’s in Rimz’s circle. His mixtape has big feature from Fatz , Church Road and we have all scene the JD shutdown.

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