Rimzee Drops Visuals To New Track “Entrepreneur”

Casey Dorney

By Casey Dorney

Casey Dorney

27 Jun 2022

From music to entrepreneurship, East London’s Rimzee has made a huge success out of himself. From launching his very own food spot ‘Burgers And Bagels’ to renting out high-end cars, buying property and more Rimzee has displayed himself to be more than just a rapper.

With a memorable rap career fused with this new lease of life Rimzee has created for himself, he undeniably offers a strong sense of leadership and gives the younger generation a role model figure to look up to. Without a doubt, Rimzee’s success is only going to incline as he grows as an artist and an entrepreneur.

The creative visuals directed by Ashleigh Jade and shot by Black Beard Visuals, Rimzee takes us through each type of entrepreneurship path he is involved in.

Tap in to the visuals for Rimzee – “Entrepreneurship” above!