Rio Rainz Drops New Single ‘Favourite Girl’

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

30 Mar 2023

East London rapper and instrumentalist Rio Rainz has released his latest single, ‘Favourite Girl’, produced by Kurisu. The new track showcases Rio’s lyrical ability, as well as demonstrating his melodic flows.

The track features a Jazz-tinged instrumental which gives Rainz a perfect backdrop for his soft spoken delivery. The lullaby-esque hook pulls the song together, while the artist tells a story of a Bonnie and Clyde romance.

‘Favourite Girl’ has already blown up on TikTok, receiving over one million views on the platform. Since arriving on the scene via his BlackBox Freestyle, Rainz has only improved and this song looks set to be another milestone in his burgeoning career. His introspective lyricism and ability to play the piano will set up the young talent for more success in the future.