Rio Rainz Drops New Single ‘nirvana’

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

15 Jun 2023

Rapper, singer, and all round emerging talent Rio Rainz has come through with his latest single, ‘nirvana’, produced by Dom Valentino. The latest offering from Rio comes accompanied with a lo-fi aesthetic music video that echoes the nostalgic feel of the single.

Rio has been making waves since arriving at 15 with his ‘Bl@ckbox Freestyle’, before finding a breakout single earlier this year. ‘Favourite Girl’ became a viral sensation across TikTok and other social media, causing the artist to feature on the Spotify Viral Hits chart as well as becoming the face of the ‘Our Generation’ playlist.

This latest single showcases the outstanding talent Rio Rainz possesses, gliding with ease between sharp verses and a smooth vocal performance on the chorus. The future certainly looks bright for this young talent as he continues to hone in on a signature sound.