RIP Veli


By Georgina


20 Sep 2013

As most of you are no doubt now aware, 19-year-old Goodfellaz rapper Veli was murdered on the evening of Wednesday 18th September in Battersea, south London.

Veli was a talented aspiring rapper from Fulham who attended church frequently. Fellow members of Goodfellaz have taken to social networking websites to express their disbelief and sadness at the tragedy along with So Solid Crew’s MC Harvey.

Veli is the tenth teenager to be murdered in London so far this year. Just at the beginning of September 17-year-old George Verrier died of head injuries after a fight in Bromley, and August 12th saw 16-year-old Ajmol Alom’s death by stabbing in Poplar.

Mixtape Madness wish to express our condolences to the family of Kyle; our deepest sympathies are with him during this difficult, tragic time.

Rest in peace and God bless Kyle McDonald, AKA Veli Goodfellaz.

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