Rising Songstress Ava Lily Shares Lo-Fi R&B Track “Closure”

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

4 Sep 2020

British singer-songwriter Ava Lily independently releases her mesmerizing lo-fi, R&B single titled, Closure.

Following the release of Blameless, this captivating new track Closure highlights Ava Lily’s lusciously soothing vocal which is layered over a blissful minimalist production. Co-written with New York poet Allen Vartanian, Adam Argyle and long-time friend and collaborator Gareth Esson. The relatable, introspective lyrics are about longing to spend one more night with someone before completely cutting ties with each other. 

Speaking on the release of the song, Ava Lily commented; “I was going through the motions of a break-up, I was in this space where I knew we couldn’t be together but I needed to know he was alone so I could sleep sound. It was kind of a selfish energy, I didn’t wanna be the only one suffering. I was trying to convince myself that if we just spent one more night, then that would be the closure I needed to let go”. On writing with Vartanian, she adds: “Me and Allen have never met in real life, but somehow we just clicked and have this special connection. There was so much magic in the mystery! He’s amazing!”

Listen to Closure below and on other streaming platforms here.