Rising Songstress Kali Claire Unveils Her ‘Songs By The Pool’ EP

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

28 Aug 2020

Rising R&B songbird Kali Claire stands as one of the most exciting new names in UK music, continuing to impress listeners and proving to be a breath of fresh air. She marks this latest chapter in her ascension with the release of her latest EP Songs By The Pool.

Starting off boldly with the dancehall inspired Give Him Life and its lilting steel pan melody, Songs By The Pool is a thematic journey that takes you through different moods; afro-inspired rhythms make Mess Me Up the irresistible body-mover, contrasted with late night feels and sensual melodies that exude on Seen Me Like This and the upbeat thumper of Jealousy that closes out the EP. Songs By The Pool is proven to be instantly immersive and transportive, crystallised by her honey-glazed vocals, a distinctive factor in her art.

Kali’s primary aim with this EP is to impart a feel-good message of empowerment. She explains; “You’re human. I feel like I tend to try and block out emotions quite a lot to stop myself from getting hurt. Right now, the world is not a very happy place and if I can give you a song and it makes you happy for like three minutes, then I want to make you happy for three minutes.”

Listen to Songs By The Pool below and on other streaming platforms here.