Rising Songstress Ruti Unveils Blissful Offering “My Sunrise”

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

22 Jan 2021

Pushing our lockdown blues away, Ruti has graced us with a brand new and blissful track entitled “My Sunrise”.

Enriched with a warming and comforting ambiance, “My Sunrise” is the second teaser from the songstress’ forthcoming EP. Built over a feel-good and hazy backdrop courtesy of Wayne Wilkins, Ruti’s unblemished vocals leave you instantly captivated and wanting more. Clocking in at just over 3 minutes long, “My Sunrise” encapsulates the perfect summer day that we are all longing for.

Commenting on the track, Ruti stated, “Sunrise isn’t really about or for anyone in particular. In some ways I wrote it for myself. It’s a reminder that often there’s a lot more time to do things than I think I have  and have to allow ourselves to stop or slow down sometimes. Obviously I wrote in a Covid free time so I was imagining taking a break somewhere else for a while, but I still have to give myself space to breathe working from home, because it gets so overwhelming.”

Listen to “My Sunrise” below.