Rock ‘n’ rolling to success The Nasty crew story

DJ Kenny Allstar

By DJ Kenny Allstar

DJ Kenny Allstar

25 Aug 2011

What’s good people, no long introductions in this particular blog; over the next couple of months you guys will soon get to know me and my role within the mixtape madness team but in the mean time let me get down to business and generate a Madness!!!! With our first instalment of our weekly mixtape madness blog presented to you by none other than DJ Kenny Allstar.

When my boss at the mixtape madness HQ told me that my first blog would be about some of the biggest names in UK underground music, ranging from 2 of the most powerful genres in Europe I instantly knew that the word ‘excited’ couldn’t sum up a quarter of what I was feeling; so I decided to run to my computer, jump on YouTube and turn up my speakers to the fullest, to let out my real emotions; I’m talking about none other than the vibes, strives and grime of the Nasty Crew.

The name N.A.S.T.Y Crew originates from the meaning ,(Natural Artistic Sounds Touching You) were an East London-based Grime crew widely considered as pioneers of the grime scene and one of the most popular acts on the underground. N.A.S.T.Y Crew were founded by Marcus Nasty  who is now considered as the godfather of UK funky & House music, with the original and most popular line up of UK mc’s consisting of KanoJammerD Double E,Footsie,  StorminMak 10Sharky Major & HyperN.A.S.T.Y Crew had the most popular show on the UK underground radio station Deja Vu which is also funny enough my current radio station, there profound show was air on Monday nights from 8pm to 10pm, the sets featuring up and coming special guests such as Dizzee Rascal and Durrty GoodzN.A.S.T.Y’s first single was called ‘Good You Know’, the first in a catalogue ofhits including ‘Vice Versa’, ‘Day By Day’, ‘Feedback’, ‘Bird In The Sky’, and ‘This Ain’t A Game’

As the set’s rolled on, and the buzz around the N.A.S.T.Y name developed, the legendary crew was later caught up in some controversy which didn’t mix well with the already tarnished image of grime music in the late early year 2000 era, the controversy sparked up due to the in-house fighting that caused the departure of JammerD Double E,FootsieGhetto, Armour, Demon & MonkeyMarcus Nasty reportedly attacked Jammer at Eskimo Dance, after it was claimed Jammer wasn’t paying Nasty Crew members for records sold. The incident has been mentioned on Industry Exposure Vol. 1 & Saw It Comin’ by Marcus Nasty and Jammer respectively. Marcus Nasty also reportedly slapped D Double E on stage after being booked by promoters and not informing the rest of the crew and turning up by himself to collect the booking fee. This public attack led D Double E to leave the crew with friends Footsie and Monkey, and form The Newham Generals with DJ Tubby. The departure of KanoGhetto and Demon has also been rumoured to involve violence from Marcus Nasty, after Kano signed to 679 Recordings NASTY Crew have since changed their name to NASTY UK and are still fronted by Marcus Nasty.

Despite all the early tribulations and alleged issues within the group N.A.S.T.Y Crew developed stars in the making and for Mr. Marcus Nasty he later realized that the saying ‘blood is thicker than water’ strongly applied to his vision for the N.A.S.T.Y takeover. Many grime fanatics may already be familiar with one of Marcus’s youngest brother’s Griminal producing hits such as ‘supadupa’ and ‘Invincible’ but this time we at Mixtape Madness have kept a close eye on the other younger N.A.S.T.Y brother by the name of “Lil Nasty” and i was asked to review his latest Mixtape entitled, Rock ‘n’ rolla 2. Following the success of his first installement I was eager to see progression and I selected that one track that either deserves a ‘5’ star madness or a ‘1’ star badness.

When listening to Rock ‘n’ Rolla 2 I was happy to hear Lil nasty come out of his shell a bit more although he was sticking to the grimy roots we all know and love, he also added that rocky, dubstep effect which may appeal to more listeners then usual which is also good for any artist to convey on a mixtape.  The song I decided to rate is track number 9 entitled bring out your one featuring badness.

Being a grime fanatic myself I was thrilled to hear something skippy like this jam, badness delivered one of his trademark hooks following the typical 16 bar and chorus scheme every grime fanatic misses to hear on track like this. Unfortunately there was a little hitch I noticed that might cause a grime forum debate, when listening to Lil nasty’s rhyme scheme and style on the track  I  personally felt like I was listening to a rival and griminal stunt double, as much as I love listening to Lil nasty as an MC I think many other grime analysts may pick up on this; but pushing that to the side i enjoyed the overall mixtape and rate Rock ‘n’ Rolla 2 a certified MADNESS! 4 stars.

And as for the ‘Bring Out Your One’ track featuring Badness it is a 5 stars MADNESS, wonderful hook and amazing lyrical content as usual keep up the good work Lil Nasty.

Margs - Return Og The King

East London N.A.S.T.Ys very own Lil Nasty returns with the second installment of Rock n Rolla and after listening to this all morning I can tell you it’s every bit as good as the first.

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