Rushy Has Unveiled His Highly Awaited EP ‘Stress 3’

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

17 Jul 2020

Today, Rushy has dropped his highly awaited 7-track EP titled, Stress 3.

A well-known name within the UK Rap game, Rushy has proved himself time and time again with his previous hits Trippidy Trap and Hi! Bye!. Returning with a 7-track project, Stress 3 only boasts his artistry further, enlisting the likes of KO, RomyJo and Lano to feature, this EP varies in sound. Produced by Honeywoodsix, Rushy is seen exploring various sonic avenues; Streets Again has a more melodic and minimal approach, whereas S3 WAY has a punching and head-bopping enriched backdrop. Filled from start to finish with bangers, Rushy has certified his position in the game!

Listen to Stress 3 below and on Apple Music here.