The Rise Of RV: Paving A Path To Progression And Popularity

Casey Dorney

By Casey Dorney

Casey Dorney

19 Apr 2021

Remaining attentive to the last few years of consistent levelling up, the UK’s authentic Drill audience know that thriving rapper, RV, isn’t new to the scene! Setting his foundation with debut ‘Cruddy On The Streets’ mixtape in 2010, Tottenham’s RV has progressively improved his sound over time by constantly infusing new, authentic elements into his music.

Acquiring significant relevance through collaborative partner and fellow OFB member, Headie One, and entering the scene with joint “The Jugg” anthem, then uniting again for 2017’s ‘Drillers x Trappers’ mixtape, unquestionably made a historic impact on the British Drill scene.

Delivering seventeen solidified tracks of versatile flows, hard-hitting bars and strengthened by the prospering advancement of production at the time, RV’s influence on the scene will be remembered.

Evolving into the beginning of experiencing mainstream success, RV and Headie One unveiled highly requested follow up mixtape ‘Drillers x Trappers II’ debuting at #21 in the UK Charts. The removal of RV’s prominent bally carried him through many previous releases including ‘DXT’, ‘Fresh Prince of Tottenham’ and ‘Savage’ as well as highly acclaimed singles ranging from “Pochettino” to “Know Better”. In the last few years, RV has undeniably progressed as an artist. Becoming more experimental in his craft has increasingly popularised the rapper.

On April 16th, RV unleashed his brand new 16-track solo mixtape ‘Rico Vondelle’, showcasing an evidently established and improved sound. Introducing the drill-influenced project with intro – “Look At Me”, RV displays an unfamiliar yet successful slow tempo flow on a gripping rap beat produced by Sevaqk. Touching on real-life stories, reminiscing on his early life to his current success, RV sets the vibe for the remainder of the tape as well as its standard of quality.

Throughout ‘Rico Vondelle’, RV displays explorative flows on tracks like “Steady”, “Moonwalk Slide” and “Gifted” – particularly enhanced through his sense of innovation displaying alternative ways to execute new and authentic hooks. As an artist, growth is necessary; not only to endure relevancy but for a challenge, attempting new methods to expand and level up, which RV undeniably proves to have done. However, RV simultaneously remains to ensure that audiences have security in knowing his massively admired drill sound prevails. His tracks: “Bill It” (ft K-Trap), “Back to Back” (ft Headie One), and “New One (Outro)”, reinforce his renowned capabilities in drill, involving flows, fiery wordplay on against captivating production.

Music aside, RV’s personality has always radiated as a humorous individual which consequently shapes him as the person he is. It is evident that even after the musical impact RV has made and will continue to make – his relevance will always be respected. The advancement and progression from roughly 2010 to now, despite multiple setbacks, trials and tribulations, RV’s consistency and willingness to succeed highlights his hard-working and optimistic character. The release of ‘Rico Vondelle’ fulfilled his intentions of delivering a side of him that many were unaware of; not afraid of change and being able to step outside his comfort zone. Working with features such as Chip, Backroad Gee, Ramz and Yxng Bane, the project as a whole displayed this, incorporating many inventive elements throughout!

Stream RV’s Rico Vondelle mixtape on all major platforms and check out his recent “Steady” visuals here.