Ryder Teams Up With Skepta and Dre Six For Collaborative New ’48 Hours’ Project

Harvey Marwood

By Harvey Marwood

Harvey Marwood

24 Nov 2023

Having gone viral on TikTok with his innovative reimagined productions of Skepta’s discography, 19 year old producer Ryder from Hull has teamed up with Skepta himself and Dre Six for a five track EP entitled ’48 hours’.

Inspired by the new sound of ‘#skeptacore’, the term itself is the self branded label given to Ryder’s reproductions, a hashtag that has over 17 million views on TikTok and subsequently helped Skepta connect with Ryder for the project. Having discovered his reproductions on TikTok, Skepta invited him down to record new vocals and in turn release a five track, in house project of new material, also drafting in talented vocalist Dre Six to fit the billing. Newly produced tracks in ‘All Alone’ and ‘For You’ are Skepta’s first rap material in a couple of years, and the vocal additions from Dre Six allow another talented musician a pathway into the limelight.

Ryder says when asked about the project : “My focus is on the emotion, how it makes the listener feel”.

The new project is bound to cause waves in the scene with not only Skepta’s popularity but the trends popularity as well; there’s not doubt also that Skepta has massive influence in the scene, and by putting on a young producer and further boosting Dre Six into the public eye, his reputation for being a pioneer within the music industry only strengthens.

Watch the visuals for ‘All Alone’ above :