S1 Delivers His Debut Mixtape ‘Split Personality’

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

21 Aug 2020

S1’s debut mixtape Split Personality releases as one of the most hotly anticipated projects from the UK this year.

The 11-track tape has been crafted with S1 at the helm and features some of the scenes most exciting and ambitious artists and producers including, ChucksSkengdo, Peter Xan, YVdaghost, Gibbo, Lock, Finn Wigan, Chris Rich Beats and Pluto, to launch the rising stars re-brand seeing him consolidate his new sound and switch up his look.

Releasing Rockstar Diva and Sweeper on the run up to the mixtape launch, giving listeners a taste of what was to come with the succeeding tracks and introduced the tape on a solid foundation. Unveiling the project in its entirety, early S1 vibes are easily identifiable as he gives a nod to his driller roots with joints such as No Way with Skengdo, whilst deeper, personal moments shine through on Real Pain and How I Feel before making way for the energetic vibrancy of Impress feat MDot and those x-rated and raw releases such as Beat It Up with YvDaghost and Pretty Little Thing.

A departure from his known Drill sound, Split Personality is a refreshing and welcomed re-brand built on his own emotive and tumultuous life experiences. Experimenting with a vast range of sounds and styles, leaning in on guitar riffs, choral synths and high hats.

Listen to Split Personality here.