S1 Talks Forthcoming Mixtape, Disturbing London, NLE Choppa & More

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

13 Jan 2020

S1, the self proclaimed ‘Most Hated’ has been rising to the top over the last year or so. Emerging from West London, it’s safe to say his work rate wasn’t lacking in 2019. Known for his gritty and menacing narrative’s over drill beats, S1 switched up his sound entering a new phase of music with Pirate Swing. Having signed to Disturbing London and gearing up for the release of his forthcoming mixtape dropping this year I asked S1 a few questions…

E: We’re there any artists that you listened to earlier on that helped influence your sound today?

S1: No one I listen to growing up really fits my sound today

E: How do you feel when people constantly box you within the Drill sound? Especially now you’ve started to show a different side to your sound…

S1: To be honest I don’t really care what people have to say hahah. I know I’m not a drill artist, I love drill don’t get me wrong but hey it’s time I let out the real side for tru.

E: You’ve recently released your latest single ‘Pirate Swing’, tell me more about that..

S1: Pirate swinggggggg, can’t lie I always do the little pirate swing dance so I just thought to create it into a song and see where it goes you feel me.

E: Tell me a bit more about your forthcoming mixtape? What can we expect to hear on that?

S1: A lot of serious waves. No cap. Levels are going to be set. I let my work do the talking to be honest. 

E: You’ve also recently signed too Disturbing London, how did this come about?

S1: My managers informed me they wanted to have a meeting and talk over some things. Went down to DL (Disturbing London) saw them and yeah he was a proper genuine cool guy, was real with me and showed me his plan to grow me and I liked it and yeah man we went from there.

E: It’s safe to say your work rate over this last year hasn’t gone unnoticed. What’s been your favourite drop this year?

S1: My fav dropppp ouffffff hard one…I can’t lie, I don’t have one but if I did it would be my Tim & Barry Freestyle hahah.

E: Is there anyone you would love to collaborate with overseas?

S1: For sureee there’s a lot of people I wanna work with overseas! NLE Choppa, Lil Poppa, JGreen. Couple more people hahaha but yeah for sure! 

E: What are your thoughts on the U.K. scene currently?

S1: U.K scene lol it’s U.K init. I don’t really pay attention to the U.K scene like that I won’t lie, but I keep up with it if ya feel me. Don’t get me wrong I fucks with the U.K scene but yano, each to there own.

E: Is there anything we can expect to see from you in 2020?

S1: Yeaahh a whole lottaaa bangers and a whole new wave 2020 is MHSZN trust me!! It’s mine!!!!