Sam Wise Flexes Visuals For His Trap-esque Drop, ‘First Little Rollie’

Amanda Da Great

By Amanda Da Great

Amanda Da Great

17 Jul 2021

Ascending from the string of individual releases he’s presented to listeners this year which include The Lift Freestyle, Don’t Judge Me, and If I Had a Tec, South London’s Sam Wise is back to flex visuals for his trap-esque drop First Little Rollie.

With cameo appearances from some of his fellow Pharaohs, Wise and his companions set the scene as they sit comfortably posted up in front of a residential area; with frequent scene changes that feature an intense underground operation the rapper is pictured taking part in, alongside a detail-orientated business partner.

First Little Rollie makes good use of flute-like sounds that are distorted in a way that merges US Trap with UK Trap; creating a sonic that is somewhat new, but nostalgic. The artist wastes no time in making use of his cold, unconventional flow to freely glide on the steady beat; unleashing a drippy aura on this track’s audio. ivermectin 1% mg/kg

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