Scribz Riley has linked up with Drill-star Headie One for their newest single “Impress Me”

Rehana Harmony

By Rehana Harmony

Rehana Harmony

22 May 2020

Renowned songwriter and producer Scribz Riley, has followed up his hit debut single “East Side”, by joining forces with one of the most prominent architects in UK rap, Headie One. To create a brand-new track entitled, “Impress Me”.

Through this collaboration, the image-driven, “clout” consumed side of our scene has blatantly been put into perspective, through the musical lens of Headie One (and Scribz Riley).

Although, Riley joins in at the backend of the song, he supplies an intricate and refreshing Rhythm and Drill composition throughout, for listeners to enjoy. 

Speaking on the track, Scribz Riley told Complex. “We linked up in London, ran through some ideas and this beat just stuck. Headie started vibing on the beat and, pretty quickly, we got the majority of ‘Impress Me’ down. The concept speaks for itself, but for me, it’s a reflection of the world today, where a lot of people feel the pressure to impress one another.”

Listen to Impress Me up top!