SDS Announces Virtual Festival ‘The Bop’ Championing London’s Grassroot Talent!

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

16 Nov 2020

Setting Da Standards have just announced a virtual festival named The Bop, which is taking place next Friday on the 27th!

The 4 staged mini festival is set to present 4 main headliners and 15 supporting acts; utilizing the little spaces that are available in the centre of Croydon that are free for artists to express themselves, The Bop has provided exactly that with this festival!

The Founder, Makeda Bennett-Amparbeng commented; “Croydon is often looked down on and you rarely hear positive things associated with it. Being from Croydon I know different and that’s what we at SDS are doing, changing that narrative. We’ve seen first hand a plethora of talented creatives from this borough who deserve local grassroot spaces to showcase their talents. The Bop Live was created to not only shine a light on some of these creatives and the borough but also to invite other creatives from other areas to see what we the Croydoners are offering”.

You can stream the festival next week here!