Shay Lia sets forth her sunshine-soaked single “Love Me, Love Me Not”

Rehana Harmony

By Rehana Harmony

Rehana Harmony

24 Jul 2020

Djiboutian-French, Montreal-based songstress, Shay Lia has arrived with her newest record ‘Love Me Love Me Not’.

Lifted from her forthcoming EP, ‘Love Me Love Me Not’ delivers a shimmering confluence of pop and afrobeat influences resulting in warm and enchanting effort. Using the whimsical act of picking petals from a flower throughout, Lia depicts nostalgic memories of the exciting uncertainties of a finding a new lover.

Speaking on the single, Shay Lia said: “If this song had a scent, it would be coconut oil mixed with vanilla. I wanted it to feel intimate and soft.  I was definitely exploratory with this song – I wanted my listeners to feel how sensuality, pleasure and melancholy can blend into the same song and share the experience of being friend zoned from a woman’s perspective. It happens to us too and we should not be afraid to share how it can make us feel! It can be empowering to be vulnerable.” 

Listen to Love Me, Love Me Not above.