Shaybo Makes ‘A COLORS SHOW’ Debut

Sweeney Gloria

By Sweeney Gloria

Sweeney Gloria

21 May 2021

South London’s Shaybo slows down the tempo and offers a live performance of her heartfelt “No Pressure” single for her first appearance on COLORS. 

In this year alone, the music showcase platform has invited Enny, Jords and more British talents to bless their mic. Shaybo has gone from strength to strength since her 2019 comeback and has since paved her own lane with hard-hitting singles we can’t deny. 

The Queen Of The South has delivered a smooth rendition of her brand-new single, allowing listeners to tap into a more vulnerable side of the rapper. From her 10-year-old breakout freestyle to a coveted COLORS performance. What a sight to see. 

Catch Shaybo’s debut on COLORS above!