shiv Shares Highly Anticipated Candid EP ‘The Love Interlude’

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

8 Oct 2021

The Zimbabwean and Irish singer-songwriter shiv has unveiled her brand new dream-like EP entitled, ‘The Love Interlude’.

Spread across 4 ethereal tracks, ‘The Love Interlude’ is yet another candid body of work that’s intertwined through a selection of laid-back backdrops. Glazing her soft and angelic tone through a selection of beats, shiv hones in the listener as she begins to unravel another layer to herself. Exploring the trials and tribulations that come with life and relationships, ‘The Love Interlude’ is a must spin!

Speaking on the release shiv commented, “For so long, I believed in the idealised version of love that has been sold to all of us for so long. I thought that if someone didn’t match every single aspect of your hopes and dreams, then it couldn’t be love, because love is meant to be perfect, right? Call it naivety, or the disposable direction that our relationships and dating have taken due to online dating and social media, but it seemed like an absolutely valid way to navigate dating and relationships. The truth is, for love to be love, it has to involve a journey which is sometimes difficult and, very often, not even slightly perfect-adjacent. Love can be lonely, love can stir up rage and unresolved insecurities, love can make you doubt and question yourself. All of that is worth it for those moments of pure, unadulterated bliss that a companion and best friend can provide.” 

Listen to the EP below.