Sigag Lauren and Ric Hassani Make an Awesome Duo on ‘Wish You Were Her(e)’

Tom Atkinson

By Tom Atkinson

Tom Atkinson

19 Jul 2023

Sigag Lauren and Ric Hassani are yet another dynamic duo, who unite on ‘Wish You Were Her(e)‘. This EP packs a punch with its anthemic takes on the EDM genre. Nigerian producer Lauren knows how to make a banger, but his euphoric production sets him out from others in the genre.

Meanwhile, Ric Hassani floats nicely over the instrumentals here with smooth vocals that evoke the emotions he displays in the lyrics. Together they have made some impressive dancefloor hits from the title track’s harking for a past love to the guitar-backed ‘Coachella‘. If you’re going through a breakup and you love dance music, this is right up your street.

Sigag Lauren and Ric Hassani are on Instagram. Find more news pieces here.