By Georgina


17 Jul 2013

#7: DMX

[youtube id=”9Ww-TQUeA3E” width=”600″ height=”350″]

I know many will argue DMX was one of the biggest rappers on the planet in the late 90s to early noughties, if not the biggest outside of Eminem. However he has completely fallen off of the map owing to his problems with drugs. Many forgot that if it was not for this man, commercial hip-hop may have died after the deaths of Biggie and 2Pac, long before Nas proclaimed it so. He released 2 definitive classics Its Dark and Hell is Hot and Flesh of my Flesh Blood of my Blood – two number one albums in the same year.

DMX did not create the genre of horror-core hip-hop however he did bring it to mainstream attention with his dark aura and rhymes. He however proved versatile and uplifting with his most famous song Slippin’ as well as the many songs he has thanking God. His rapping technique is similar to 2Pac aside from the overt social commentary with his extensive use of evocative language and imagery, especially religious and storytelling, armed with a gruff delivery and aggressive tone. He was a force to be reckoned with – DMX is a legend and should be remembered for the above reasons.

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