By Georgina


14 Jul 2013


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Cam’ron, also known as Killa Cam, is an underrated emcee by all accounts mainly due to his comical, light-hearted approach, as well as a flamboyant dress sense. Even though he is defined as east coast street rap, he started out after impressing Biggie with a freestyle. He then became part of the rap group The Children of The Corn along with the legendary Big L, Mase and his cousin Bloodshed. Cam’ron is an extremely skilled emcee with humour, personality and charisma galore. He utilises various rapping techniques and has a very polysyllabic flow, using absurdity, humour, stream of consciousness and punchlines such as “Dick on her nose, now she’s cockeyed”, “Desert on my waist, I get my eagle on” and the classic:

Harlem shake nah I’m in Harlem Shaking the weight / Shaking the Bake Shaking the Jake / Kill you shoot up the funeral Harlem shake at your wake

Despite this humour, in tracks like D Rugs and Love My Life Cam’ron has shown tgar he can tackle more serious matters if he so chooses. The MC has tons of reat street hip-hop albums, the best in his catalogue being Purple Haze which was highly rated critically and even rated by 114th on Pitchfork Media’s ‘Top 200 Albums of the first decade of the 21st Century’, and 10th on Rhapsody’s ‘Hip-Hop’s Best Albums Of The Decade’. As well as previous projects S.D.E, an acronym for ‘sports, drugs and entertainment’ and subsequently Killa Season Crime Pays and an array of mixtapes to boot, he has truly cemented himself as a legend and fixture in hip-hop.

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