Gbenga Saka Introduces Short Film “Small Utopia- The Journey”

Imoh Ekpo

By Imoh Ekpo

Imoh Ekpo

28 Jul 2017

From in front and now behind the camera, upcoming film director and alternative sound artist Gbenga Saka makes his debut in the world of filmmaking with the release of his long awaited short film “Small Utopia”. A Sci-Fi dystopian film set in the year 3017 January 20th, exactly 1000 years ahead of Donald Trump’s inauguration. The film depicts a rift between those on the left and right of the political spectrum which culminates with those on the left leaving earth to start their own civilisation in space. However, for those on the left to survive they need to extract resources from earth causing a war between the earth dwellers and the ethnic minorities. Soldier Tyrell has been briefed by commander Octavius on their mission to go down to earth to extract resources eliminating any earth dweller that gets in their way. On his way down Tyrell get a little more than he bargained for as his ship crashes giving him amnesia, he falls in love with earth dweller Alicia.

Gbenga’s influence and inspiration to create this visual journey came from the popularity of creating dystopia (an imagined place or state in which everything is unpleasant or bad, typically a totalitarian or environmentally degraded one) films in contemporary society such as The Hunger Games.

Gbenga’s idea of moving away from earth is creating that small utopia for those that have found peace amongst their own and away from those who uphold and act on views that oppose their own (the Earth dwellers).

However, this idea is countered by the fact that they must return to earth in order to survive and thus disrupt the livelihood that they left behind which causes conflict in itself. Further showing that there is no such thing as a perfect world, which by now we all know. However the title cleverly draws on the individuals and collectives who amongst and between themselves experience this utopian feeling albeit on a small scale.

1000 years ahead our time Gbenga has placed us in a world where ethnic minorities and left-wing people have left the extremists, radicals and right wing humans on earth and have gone on to settle in space. It is centred around two people, who through the actions and beliefs of their respective kinds should be unable to be happy together but they defy the odds as Tyrell’s amnesia allows him to love Alisha without recollection of his prior life away from earth or his mission.

The overall film sets to show you, although these small utopias are experienced it is never possible to live in a perfect world. As conflict is always present, ideas and people clash; while good and evil, despite their differences seem to have an unholy attraction to each other.

Introducing to you

-Small Utopia by Gbenga Saka

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