Snupe Bandz and PaperRoute Woo Pay Tribute To Young Dolph on ‘Mold Me’

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

27 Oct 2022

Standing out with their percolating chemistry and boastful bars, SNUPE BANDZ and PaperRoute Woo are one of the hottest duos emerging from the South. They stay true to their Memphis roots on “Mold Me,” the newest music video from their joint mixtape Boyz N The Hood. Going bar for bar over a haunting yet atmospheric piano instrumental, SNUPE and Woo tell their out-the-mud origin stories.

Woo makes it clear that no one can change his hustling ways, rapping, “Young n**** from the gutta/F**k college I’m a hustla/Real n**** you a sucka/Never changin’ on my brotha,” while SNUPE honors the memory of Young Dolph and his Memphis heritage, affirming, “I’m from Castalia, n***a Dolph land/South Memphis baby runnin’ with the clan/Out the trap I been playin’ with them rubber bands.” In the video, the duo make a pilgrimage to Castalia Heights, the neighborhood in Memphis that Young Dolph called home. While they perform their song,  they flash back to memories of turnt up performances, sage advice from Dolph, and liaisons with their crew outside Memphis’ Castalia SuperMarket.

SNUPE BANDZ and PaperRoute Woo have a long history of collaborations, dating back to 2020’s “In My Bag” and continuing through last year’s “Pop Out,” which drew 1.8 million YouTube views. Both SNUPE and Woo joined their mentor Young Dolph on “Nothing To Me,” a standout single from last year’s PAPER ROUTE iLLUMINATi mixtape, generating over 8.9 million views, and they later took the stage in remembrance of their role model during a tribute set at Rolling Loud California 2021. The two Memphis natives made memorable appearances on Paper Route Empire Presents: Long Live Dolph, the recent PRE compilation tape: SNUPE shined on his solo showcase I Know Why,” and connected with Joddy Badass for the sensual “I Like,” while Woo flashed his mastery of flow in “Fully Equipt.”