Solo 45 Has Been Found Guilty Of Raping & Terrorising Four Women

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

12 Mar 2020

Yesterday saw that Solo 45 had been found guilty of raping four women.

The 33-year old artist who’s real name is Andy Anokye has been found guilty of raping four women and holding them against their will.

Having been arrested back in 2017 and since denied all allegations, the rapper was found guilty of 21 rapes, 5 counts of false imprisonment, 3 counts of assault by penetration and 2 of assault actual bodily harm. It has also been found that the rapper terrorised his victims and has admitted to doing so. His victims described how he tied and beat them up and even waterboarded them with bleach-soaked clothes.

The judge has set to have ordered psychiatric report to be carried out on Anokye and is to be sentenced at a later date.