Somewhereto__ X Mixtape Madness Presents Digital, Music & Tech


By a.k.e


19 Feb 2016


Last night was definitely a night to remember, especially for us as a company.

Somewhereto__ and Mixtape Madness hosted Digital, Music & Tech where aspiring musicians, web developers and entrepreneurs can learn music in today’s age, where it is right now and why it’s important to have a passion for the artform that you want to achieve. Radio presenter Jade Avia (Radar Radio) was the host for the evening. Guest speakers included Twin B (Atlantic Records), Kingsley Okyere (Founding Member & Creative Director of Mixtape Madness), Masibu Manima, Andy Ayim and Kanté Ishaku.

During Kingsley’s presentation, he spoke about the history of MM, how Mixtape Madness is going to change the game and also told the audience that we will be refreshing the website plus our brand new app which is coming soon!!! Each guest speaker gave their backgrounds and how they conquered to become who they are today.

Overall the atmosphere was only good vibes and everyone seem to take in what was given to them which was our main focus for the evening.

In the future we will be doing events like this as we believe that it’s important to teach the next generation of young talent!!!