South London Afro-Fusion Artist Nizzy Delivers Highly Anticipated ‘Love N Rhythmz’ EP

Casey Dorney

By Casey Dorney

Casey Dorney

23 Jul 2021

Unveiling notable 2020 EP ‘Pillow Therapy’ having received ecstatic critical acclaim from multiple publications including Clash and NOTION – Nizzy’s artistry is undeniably respected. Fusing a range of sounds together to create a well-developed delivery, Nizzy implements his perfected craft into the making of his new project. The rise of Nizzy has been seen by many, as the South London native rolls out his highly awaited, follow up EP ‘Love N Rhythmz’.

Incorporating sounds of R&B, Afro-swing, Dancehall, Afrobeats and Pop elements in to his music, Nizzy enforces an all-rounded execution. Introducing the project with “Soro (Talk)”, the feel-good summer time vibe is encouraged throughout, wanting listeners to hear more of Nizzy’s highly admired sound. Tracks like “Jah (Blessing)”, “Bolanle” and “Oh No (Amarachi)” clearly reflect the fusion of sounds complied by Nizzy as a British-Nigerian. The influence and cultural influence is his music is demonstrated, delivering an incredibly enjoyable and engaging sound. The infectious melodies on top of the attentively-produced beats across the EP by Kai The Producer, RitzyBeats and AJ Productions provides audiences with a sensation feeling of good vibes, positivity and experiences.

Instantly increasing focus – Track 6 – “Missing You” showcases Nizzy’s versatility and ability to switch it up on a more slow-tempo, sensual vibe. With features from Wauve, PVPI STRZ and Yazmin Manassib, the chemistry created is adoring as the components of their individual tones and talents come together in one.

The entirety of Nizzy’s brand new, inviting EP is solid without a doubt. The ability to present personality and a positive aura through music is undoubtably a result of a well-aware, dedicated artist. The attempted distinctiveness and innovation incorporated into this EP has succeeded, as Nizzy delivers a unique, standout body of work.

Speaking on the EP, Nizzy says “The project is about love and good vibes. I was trying to capture that summer time feeling we’ve all had that’s full of love experiences. I was trying to put all that energy together into an exciting musical experience for listeners”.

Tap in to Nizzy – ‘Love N Rhythmz’ EP below!