South London Songstress BINA. Returns With Sophomore ‘This Is Not a Film’ EP

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

29 Mar 2021

The South London songstress BINA. has marked her return with her brand new project named ‘This Is Not A Film’.

Spread across 4 tracks with features from both North London artist Lex Amor and Intalekt, ‘This Is Not A Film’ is a collection of somber sounds and textures that sit comfortably in-between R&B, Neo-Soul alongside influences from both Jazz and Hip-Hop.

Compact with a blissful energy, BINA.’s vocals flow effortlessly across the instrumentals creating a wheel-up worthy EP that’s fit for those duvet days. Speaking on the project, BINA. commented; “It’s heavily inspired by sexuality, love and hurt. The EP details the last 18 months of my life but in a way the four tracks tell the story of one day. I wanted to take people through the rollercoaster of emotions I felt during, what you could call ‘situationship’ – from obsession and infatuation, to frustration, heartbreak and regret.” 

“There’s a lot of dark references in tracks like Mercedes to Hades and Dark Cloud but I needed to lean into the darker sides of myself to truly understand how and why I went through what I did. Reflecting back to that time, I think I have realised that the other emotions associated with a relationship should never cloud the fact without actual love everything will crumble. This Is Not A Film was birthed from the fact that I acknowledged there’s no turning it off. There’s no shouting at the screen because I’ve made the wrong choice. This is my reality.”

Listen to the EP below.