South London’s Skeamer Drops Raw Debut Album ‘Black Roses’

Casey Dorney

By Casey Dorney

Casey Dorney

3 May 2022

Tuning a fine drill sound, Skeamer’s ability to deliver a solid 15-track debut album ‘Black Roses’ is definitely a milestone surpassed for himself. Filled with engaging lyricism, hard-hitting flows and an outstanding array of production, Skeamer sets the tone with intro “When It Rains It Pours”.

Touching on experiences such as Fatherhood, poverty and growing up in the hood, Skeamer pours his life into this album, providing audiences with a level of vulnerability and relatability.

With features including rap icon Potter Payper, delivering a deep-felt eerie feel to the project, as well as Score Beezy, Wrecker, Ard Adz and more! This is undeniably a well-rounded project with an abundance of substance!

Take in Skeamer’s debut album ‘Black Roses’ available on all platforms now!