Spiraling Songstress Chrissi Shares Debut EP ‘Back In The Day’

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

17 Nov 2021

Following the recent announcement as one of Amazon Music’s ‘One To Watch for 2022’, Essex’s rising songstress Chrissi has shared her debut EP named, ‘Back In The Day’.

Reputable for her rich and soulful tone, Chrissi has delivered a 4-track EP that continues to boast her storytelling ability, refined lyricism and all-round potential to become a prominent name within Black British music. Featuring stand-out singles, ‘Tracksuit’, and ‘Lady Kisses’, she navigates the listener through a blissful listening experience.

Speaking on the release of the EP Chrissi commented, “I wrote these songs before I knew a lot about myself. When I listen, I hear a desperation for love or an idea of love, whether the mood is really beautiful and poetic, like in Back In The Day, or more catty, like in Tracksuit.” explains Chrissi. “I think the songs on the EP are for people who cry about people they’ve never even dated or been in a relationship with. The not real situations that we feel real emotions about, which I think is a universal experience.

Listen to the EP below.