Striver Makes A Bold Return With ‘Recovered Drive Vol.1’

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

28 Aug 2020

Producer and engineer Striver, celebrates his legacy with the release of Recovered Drive Vol.1.

Opening the new decade, Striver is back on the buttons and in the studio! Working closely with younger cousin Jae5, it is clear to see that visionary sounds in exciting genres are at the fingertips of this family from generation to generation. A selection of his decade-old archive into the present day, Recovered Drive Vol.1 is Striver’s 8-track, 2020 project, presenting classic Grime instrumentals, new beats and guest features from Flirta D, Gully Ranjah, Vener Remah and Scrufizzer.

Making a marked return by releasing Recovered Drive 1, Striver explains; “Recovered Drive 1 is a mixture of some of my most classic instrumentals along with new instrumentals that capture the essence of grime”

Listen to Recovered Drive Vol.1 below.