Suburban Spotlight: Leicester

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

13 May 2020

In this brand new series titled ‘Suburban Spotlight’, we will be focusing on some of the best emerging rappers from various cities across the UK. Starting off our search in Leicester, the flourishing city has an array of up-coming artists that have been curating there own distinct and authentic sound. Having already championed the likes of JB Scofield, Kamakaze, Jafro and more, there is a continuous momentum of fresh talent rising from Leicester.


At the flourishing age of 19, Tka3 found his passion for music between the years of 2014 and 2015. Growing up listening to some of the UK’s best-treasured artists including Skepta, J Hus and 67 he released his first track back in 2016 called “M3 Crash” on SoundCloud. Since then, it’s been nothing but an up-hill climb for the newcomer, dropping his introspective single “Broken Homes” last year, he returned in February with his first official single “Sticks & Poles” (below). With an over-riding American essence, Tka3 weaves his cold bars and wavey melodies through the piano-led and energy-driven backdrop – creating the ultimate banger! It’s only a matter of time before he gets the recognition he deserves!

Omar Youngz

Hailing from Leicester, 25 year-old Omar Youngz is one to watch out for. Having done his first freestyle 8 years ago under the name ‘Big Youngz’, the newcomer was in a grime collective called ‘Shutdown Residents’ that consisted of 10 artists from the midlands. Journeying too now, Youngz is ready to take music into his own matters. Influenced by the likes of hit makers MoStack, Hardy Caprio and Ard Adz, he fuses elements of Afroswing and Street Rap in with R&B melodies. Having recently entered back onto the scene with “Mummy Told Me” (below) – a track driven by a melodic and upbeat backdrop, we hear Omar Youngz deliver cold bars throughout. Youngz also recently dropped “Timing” featuring no other than LC’s Jafro – it’s only bigger and better things from here!


At only 20 years-old, Sainté has caught the eyes of many. Later last year, the emerging rapper dropped his energy-driven bop “Money” ; having not quite found his sound at this point he shortly followed up with his wavey joint “Envy Me”. Having found his footing and experimented with his sound, Sainté draws influence from Larry June, Octavian, Odunsi (The Engine) and Curen$y. Intertwining his distinct tone in with backdrops that explore an essence of nostalgia – Sainté is definitely one to watch.


The 20 year-old born and raised Leicester native, Natty9, grew up listening to Reggae, Bashment and Rap but soon found himself going back to a Kanye classic – ‘The College Dropout’ mixtape. Natty9 took the decision back in 2017 to start taking music on a more serious level, dropping his debut single “Company” he used this as a reference point in order to develop and perfect his sound even further. Earlier on this year he dropped his EP ‘Love in the Trenches’; spread across 4 tracks and a feature from Jay Milli on fan-favourite “Used To” this project see’s Natty9 boasting his new mastered and wavey sound – it’s worth the listen! More recently, the newcomer returned with his brand new single “New Drip” (below) which has already amassed over 50,000 views. Enriched with an infectious hook and melodies, he lays down memorable and hard bars – this is only the beginning for Natty9!

Strizzy Strauss

Influenced by DMX, 2Pac, Nas, Klashnekoff, Giggs, Wretch 32, Griselda and J Cole, you can tell Strizzy Strauss has studied music carefully. Boasting his lyrical ability, he pays fine attention to detail with his bars and flow. Kick starting his musical journey back in 2007, the 35 year-old has been perfecting his craft since with tracks like “Young Kings” featuring Stanza Divan, “Who Am I” alongside Vandal Savage to his recent single “Hieroglyfics” (below). Intertwining old-school Hip-Hop in with the modern soundscape, he flows with ease in between steady rhythm’s and kicking drums – ultimately forming his own authentic sound.

Queen Millz

Reppin’ for the female rappers in Leicester, Queen Millz fell in love with music at around the age of 10. Getting into trouble at school from a young age, her Dad would get her to write poems as to why, and that’s how her journey in music began. Taking influence from OG artists such as Kano, Chip, Chris Brown and Trippie Redd, versatility runs through the 21 year-olds sound in tracks like “Come Over”, “Rahted” and “Can’t Be Nice”. Queen Millz is carving out her own path, weaving soulful harmonies in with hard bars over backdrops enriched with deep bass-lines – Millz is one to watch out for!

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