Suburban Spotlight: Nottingham

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

21 Sep 2020

Nottingham, otherwise known as the 0115, is our next stop for the sixth edition of Suburban Spotlight. Home to the likes of hit-makers Young T & Bugsey, who have grown leaps and bounds in the last few years – Nottingham has quite the reputation for developing undeniable talent! Shining a spotlight on 6 emerging rappers that we feel need there time to shine, take a look below and let us know who you’re feeling!


Hailing from Nottingham, 21 year-old Skeete is a name you should be looking out for. Influenced by the likes of Drake, Young T & Bugsey, Chris Brown, Jay – Z, Popcaan and Bryson Tiller, the rising rapper has a string of singles behind him that have seen him grow a small but hungry fan base. Having ventured out into music professionally back in 2017, Skeete made his Mixtape Madness debut with his first release titled, “No Way” – an up-beat and rhythmic joint that’s bound to have you up and moving! Since then, it’s been nothing but an up-hill climb for the Nottingham native. In March last year, Skeete dropped his most prominent song to date, “Vibes With Me”, which is currently sitting at just under 300,000 streams on Spotify alone. Diving into a pool of sultry vibes, this single showcases not only Skeete’s intimate wordsmith but his butter-like and un-blemished vocal tone over the acoustic lead backdrop – the perfect sun-kissed track! Following through with “Kryptonite” and a 4-track EP titled, ‘A Matter of Time’, he recently dropped his latest summer banger, “Girlfriend” (below). Encompassing summer at it’s very best, “Girlfriend” is enriched with his flawless vocals, vibrant melodies and an infectious hook; “Yeah, that’s my girlfriend / And, ain’t nobody come between me and you ’till the world ends / That’s my slime and / If a n***a lay a finger on you, I’ll do the time, blood on my shoes I’ll do the crime” he sings. With a slew of undeniable bangers behind him it’s only a matter of time until Skeete blows!


Introducing one of Nottingham’s coldest rappers, M’Way. At just 20 years-old, M’Way has already made quite the impression on the masses! Known for fusing both the American style of Rap in with the British soundscape, the ascending star is heavily influenced by an array of heavy-weight US hit-makers including Lil Baby, Future and Gucci Mane. Having only been making music for the past 2 years, M’Way has been grafting hard in the studio to perfect his evident craft and made his debut in February earlier this year titled, “Work”. Sticking to his American influence, this stays evident with his use of flow, which many have picked up on in the comments and have often referred to M’Way as the UK’s very own Young Dolph. It’s safe to say his work rate hasn’t gone unknown, dropping a total of 4 tracks already this year, he shortly followed through with both “Juggin” alongside H Mula and “10/10”. Later last month, the ascending rapper unveiled what’s arguably one of his best songs to date – “TrapWay” (below). Sitting at just under 75,000 views on YouTube alone, the Nottingham native took his versatility to the next level in this one. Split into two halves, he takes on two eerie and hard-hitting beats whilst seamlessly maintaining quality wordsmith and flows, keeping the listener captivated from start to finish. Paving a lane of his own within British Rap, M’Way has added an element of refreshment to the scene with his signature style – we can’t wait to see what else M’Way has in store!

Trinity Square

If you’re aware of the music scene in Nottingham then you have undoubtedly heard of the rising group named Trinity Square. Ranging between 19-20 years of age, Trinity Square is made up of 4 rappers and singers; Huey, Bluu, BabyBoy and Trizzy. Stepping onto the scene back in 2018 with their debut release “Pull Up”, the boys have been making subtle waves that have since turned the heads of many. Influenced by British Rap and R&B, the versatility of their music only speaks for itself; engulfed in their environment and the soundscape around them, Trinity Square have proved that sonically there are no limits to their ever-growing sound. Journeying back through their catalogue, Huey, Bluu, BabyBoy and Trizzy have a bundle of notable bangers behind them including “Stay In Your Lane”, “Pattern”, “Fanta” and “Creepin” – each varying in sound, from summer anthems like “Fanta” to the raw and gritty sounds of “Pattern” – the group solidified their quality artistry more recently with their latest mixtape ‘TS Way’. Consisting of 9 tracks, Trinity Square dropped the lead single “Intro” earlier this summer before following through with their stand-out single “Down” (below), where the group are seen infusing US and British Rap in with R&B melodies – creating the ultimate melodic and infectious joint! With each artist bringing their own sauce to the table, I’m sure this isn’t the last you’ll hear of Trinity Square!


Although Krosegrind is only at the very beginning of his career, the 15 year-old has already proved his potential. Growing up freestyling from a young age, the newcomer has been working on perfecting his craft for quite some time. Influenced by the likes of Rylo Rodriguez, Sleepy Hallow and Tupac; although these artists aren’t necessarily heard throughout his music, Krosegrind is determined to pave a lane of his own! Earlier this year in April, the Nottingham native unveiled his debut track named, “Can’t You Tell” – a bold introductory single that would ultimately give an insight of what yet is to come. Clocking in at just over 3 minutes long, Krosegrind explored his use of flows and wordplay and delivered a playful track layered over a wavey Trap beat. Continuing to feed into the hype surrounding his name, he recently followed through with his latest banger titled, “Did It” (below). Amassing over 100,000 views on YouTube in just over 2 weeks, “Did It” is a head-bopping anthem filled with a feel-good energy; “They didn’t think that the kid could do it / But, I did it / They, weren’t with it / They talk it, I live it / Don’t, get me livid / This drip, I’ll bin it”, he raps assertively. With only 2 tracks behind him, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for Nottingham’s rising rapper!


Journeying back to the youthful age of 14, it was at this age that a young DeMarnz started to record his music at a local studio in Nottingham. Influenced by Nottingham’s very own Young T & Bugsey, DeMarnz began releasing a string of singles including “Dance With Me” featuring Yung Nubian, across his own YouTube channel back in the summer of 2019, since then DeMarnz has dropped 3 singles and a freestyle this year. Kick starting the new decade with “Another Man” alongside BD, the pair go back to back in this flute-lead, wavey joint that see’s each artist flexing not only their ability melodically but their slick wordsmith. Following through with what’s arguably his best song to date, the ascending rapper recently dropped off the visuals to his wavey joint “Narcotics” (below). Produced by CHEK Beatz, DeMarnz showers the smooth backdrop with a glossy auto-tuned vocal, delivering effortless quality wordsmith and an infectious hook from start to finish. Delivering us quality tunes from his home studio, DeMarnz has more fire pending that I’m sure will only certify why he is one to watch from Nottingham!


Influenced by some of British Rap’s greatest names including Headie One, Loski, Young T & Bugsey and K-Trap, 19 year-old Trapspot first began recording his music back in 2015 for fun. Discovering his love and passion for music, it wasn’t until last year that Trapspot decided to take music seriously after attending numerous shows, events and campaigns with Young T & Bugsey. Inspired by the success of his peers, the newcomer has been working hard in the studio this year and been focusing on his indisputable talent. Recording track after track, Trapspot finally released his debut single named, “Runners” (below). Produced by I-One-Da, he provided the Nottingham native with a piano-led and steady paced beat. Instantly drawn to I-One-Da’s creation, in no time at all he was able to pen both the hook and first verse; having played the tune to several peers and friends in the ends, he received an overwhelmingly positive reception and took the courageous leap to launch his music career. Sitting at just under 20,000 views on YouTube alone, the newcomer has shown great potential and we can’t wait to see what the rising rapper has in store for us next!

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