Succession Freestyle launch their ‘The Watch List’ Spotify playlist – including all featured acts so far!

Casey Dorney

By Casey Dorney

Casey Dorney

6 Apr 2021

After 4 exciting weeks of the UK’s Women led freestyle platform – Succession Freestyle, a short mid season break is taken alongside the launch of their newly curated ‘The Watch List’ Spotify Playlist. Including a combination of all freestyles acts so far, with prominent UK female artists: Lavida Loca, SB, Teezandos and Dis as well as some of their best tracks, this playlist is specially compiled to please all audiences.


As we prepare for the newest acts and freestyles to come, tap in and take in some of their best releases so far! In works with Ass3mble Agency and Mixtape Madness, Succession Freestyle aims to shed exposure on UK female talent – both eminent and up and coming.

[ Playlist Curated By: Casey Dorney ]

Tap in to the ‘Succession Freestyle | The Watch List’ Spotify Playlist now !