Summer’s done

Fadumo Khamis

By Fadumo Khamis

Fadumo Khamis

10 Sep 2018

Now that’s the summer’s done, I thought it would be the perfect time to reflect on some of the songs of the summer. Songs released this summer, that captured that summer feeling, gained traction this summer or were simply sick will be included on the list.

#1. Unknown T – Homerton B

Summer's done - Unknown TPeople had been waiting for this song ever since Unknown T’s performance in KO’s crib session with Tim Westwood. His Mad About Bars gained a great deal of attention and it’s clear to see why with Unknown T’s cadence, lyrics and flow. Like Krept said, Unknown T made a ‘drill tune that gyal can twerk’ to. Many have been hailing Unknown T, saying that he can go clear because of the promise he’s been showing. When it dropped, it was tipped to pop off at the Notting Hill Carnival, the climax of the summer. This was mainly because of how jumpy the song is and the famous line,

‘Baby bend your back and then dig it.’

Needless to say the song is cold and will have you doing the maddest leans and bops while Unknown T raps in his unique, innovative style. Unknown T paints a picture of his life in an artistic way and that will surely see him do more great things in the future.

#2. Ambush – Jumpy

Summer's done - AmbushI’ve been watching Ambush since last year, when he was dropping bangers like ‘Already’, ‘Blood’ and ‘Extra’ so it’s great to see him elevate to another level with the success of his latest banger, entitled ‘Jumpy’. The song has been everywhere and has gradually risen in popularity as it’s been played at events and has been remixed with Chip and Skepta. Like ‘Homerton B’ it has key lines, particularly

‘looking like a crème brûlée/And the next one looking like a choc soufflé (sweet one)’.

The whole chorus in general is filled with quotable lyrics and like many impactful songs, certain words and phrases from the song have been cropping up in conversation. For example, ‘sweet one’ has been a popular saying this summer and terms like ‘white boy wasted’, which were already in use, have seen a spike in popularity. This song was also very ‘Jumpy’ at Carnival and it’s good to see Ambush’s consistency really paying off.

#3. Theophilus London – Bebey

Summer's done - Theophilus LondonThis song is such a vibe and reminds me of one of my more lazy days in the summer. The bassline alone gets you moving. London says

‘Watch how she groves to the bassline/It makes her waistline gooooo’.

It’s a feel good, smooth song, perfect for a holiday with London’s sweet performance and the song’s Caribbean element. Along with the lyric video and artwork of the song, it paints a beautiful picture of a time with woman. There is a respect for black women and their beauty and there is even a remix with Giggs who once said ‘This is the Hollowman, my sisters love me’.

Summer's done - v7backin2007 #4. v7backin2007 – NORTHFACE

v7backin2007, from Walsall, is part of a new wave of artists in the UK making spirited, uplifting tracks with great energy. The adlibs, beat selection and delivery of the lyrics all produce an atmosphere, accompanied by relatable, sometimes funny lyrics. I’ve been saying

‘when you work hard then it pays/pow! pow! pow!’

all summer and I’ll be saying it all winter too. I love the directness of the track and it makes me feel happy so I’ll definitely be looking out for v7backin2007 in the future and with his hunger he won’t be hard to find.

#5. RIMON – Realize

Summer's done - RIMONThis song is inspiring and along with the video captures a cheerful summer feeling. I love RIMON’s voice over the beat as it’s so calm with the lyrics, which highlight how things are progressing. The blend of genres like neo soul, dancehall and trap is so pleasant and the song is so positive that it’s been on repeat for the last two weeks. It gives me the feeling that I can do anything and should celebrate what I’ve already done. She has great potential and appeal as everything about her seems so genuine and confident. I can’t wait for more!

That sums up my favourite songs of the summer, which has blessed us with sunny weather and good times. I hope for more great songs and great things for the rest of the year. Comment below about what songs I’ve missed.

Written by: Xaymaca Awoyungbo