Australian Hip-Hop Celebrated With Take Flight Park Cypher

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

15 Aug 2023

A new generation of Australian Hip-Hop talent has been celebrated in Take Flight’s inaugural Park Cypher. Set across a back drop of old school beats and instrumentals, a host of talent stepped up to the plate to demonstrate a wealth of ability from some of the finest spitters from down under.

Australia has been no stranger to Rap and Hip-Hop over recent years, with the likes of Chillinit and Day1 already making waves internationally in recent times. UK artists have also enjoyed success in Australia, with the likes of Dave, Aitch, AJ Tracey, and Central Cee all performing to sold out audiences in the southern hemisphere in the recent past.

There is no doubt that the Aussies possess a glut of talent when it comes to barring and lyrical ability, as evidenced in the Take Flight cypher. The likes of Kash Kal, AR The Eternal, Dxandre, and Elijah Yo to name just a few all showed up and showed out, gliding effortlessly across nostalgic beats and proving that Australia could well be a hotbed of unearthed talent.

With the world of Rap and Hip-Hop becoming more and more global by the day, there is every possibility that we could see a bonafide Australian international Rap star in the very near future. While Iggy Azalea found her fame after moving to the United States, we have seen over the last few years that stars from France, Italy, Germany, and other locations can break out and become a star in their own right without pandering to American audiences. The Take Flight Park Cypher could well be the start of people sitting up and taking notice when it comes to Australian Rap talent.