Taloula Drops Fresh Cut ‘DANGER’

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

8 Jun 2023

East London singer, songwriter, and producer Taloula has come through with her latest single, ‘DANGER’, accompanied by a vintage style music video co directed by the artist. The vibrant track combines elements of R&B, Funk, and Hip-Hop, and was also produced by Taloula.

Having found fame in France performing under the name TAL, the artist amassed over 100 million streams before switching to a sound that felt truer to herself. Lyrically the track explores freeing herself from past relationships, moving between smooth vocals and spoken verses.

Speaking on the track, Taloula said:

‘‘DANGER’ is about encouraging and celebrating the power that we all have within us. I used to live through the opinions of others, never listening to my inner voice due to fear and lack of confidence. It has been a long journey to understand that I have a voice, that I am allowed to have my own opinions. Now I can embrace fear with wisdom and enlighten my inner self with confidence and playfulness.”

In what feels like a new chapter in her career, it is clear that Taloula is ready to embrace the danger of the unknown as she moves forward in a way more representative of herself. With a fresh sound and a stellar songwriting ability, the artist is shaping up for a highly successful summer.