Teks Sinatra Drops Highly-Awaited ‘Home For Winter’ EP

Sweeney Gloria

By Sweeney Gloria

Sweeney Gloria

29 Jan 2021

Croydon’s rising rap act has lingered around some of the UK’s most exciting talents including, Stormzy and Hardy Caprio. Surely, there must be something about this camp, and with the highly-anticipated release of Teks Sinatra’s debut EP, ‘Home For Winter’, we are keen to find out.

“The inspiration behind the making of this came from events that occurred/were occurring in my life as I was about to start recording the EP. After taking a holiday and reconnecting with my biological father, after a liftetime away, I felt as if I had started to make progress in getting my life together. On my visit there, things back home started to take a turn for the worse.”

Sinatra’s listeners have followed him from early Soundcloud releases and the rapper has built anticipation for this project following a long string of singles, going back as far as 2014. Now, the 8-track EP houses the best of the rapper’s ability. Introspective tracks are blended with his breakout joints – “Dargy” and “Role Model” – and a smooth collaborative record with Afro-soul artist, Gabzy.

Stream ‘Home For Winter’ by clicking here!